At KGS we use experienced brokers to determine the top market price for your used grease, allowing our customers to receive top dollar. Other companies will force the customer into signing a contract for a number of years, locking them in at a price or percentage, based on a market they do not fully understand. The result is a smaller payment for their used grease.

We do not require our customers to sign any contracts and guarantee you will always receive the fair market value for your product based on an explained market system, as well as superior service. We also provide lockable theft-proof lids to help protect our customer’s used cooking oil from grease thieves.

Contact one of our experienced sales representatives and let them explain the different grease markets and values and how we can be beneficial to your business.

Sales Representatives:

Jamie Kostelac
[email protected]
cell: 618-973-3321
office: 618-538-5421

Tom Bollinger
[email protected]
cell: 618-973-9998
office: 618-538-5421

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